ChrisChristopher Pike
Graduate Teaching Fellow - Russian language and literature, University of Oregon
Adventure Highlights:
*2-month solo mountaineering trek in Mongolian Altai.
*Leader of 3-week winter mountaineering expedition in Kamchatka, Russia.
*4-week solo bicycle tour from Irkutsk, Russia to Beijing, China across Gobi desert.




MaikeyMaikey Lopera
Clinical Excercise Physiologist, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Springfield, OR.
Numerous alpine and rock climbing expeditions in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and the United States including new routes on el Pico Yanapaccha Noroeste in la Cordillera Blanca, Peru; Pico Humbolt in Venezuela, and Snowpatch Spire in Bugaboos, Canada.
Maikey has been on numerous expeditions to the jungles of South America and several self supported long distance bike expeditions in both North and South America.



FedericoFederico Pisani
Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences, specializing in exercise. Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela
Federico has been in numerous alpine and rock climbing expeditions in Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, and the United States including first ascent of Upuigma in Venezuela, other new routes in Venezuela including Cacao de Chuao 5.13, and first repeat of Highway to Hell, 300m 5.11 in los Tepuys Roraima in Kukenam, Venezuela.
Federico is currently travelling in Nepal as a climbing and mountaineering guide.



marcusMarcus Tobias
Marcus is an Architect graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He currently works as a Carpenter in his native Caracas.
Marcus has over 24 years of adventure and mountaneering experience. He is the founder and director of the Centro Excursionista Colegio Humboldt in Caracas, Venezuela.
Marcus has been a member of numerous climbing expeditions in the Andes. He has also lead six Venezuelan expeditions to the Himalaya. Among his numerous achievements are an ascent of Shisha Pangma (8027 m) and Everest (8848 m).



EricEric Noll
Ph.D. Student Interdisciplinary Urban Planning, University of Washington, current.
*Multi-day self-supported ski tours in the Central and North Cascades, WA, and in the French Alps.
*Extensive bicycle touring experience in the USA, Alaska, Canada, and India.
*Extensive mountaineering experience in the USA, Canada, French Alps, and India.
Adventure Highlights:
*Self-supported 2-week solo bike tour through the Altai Republic, Russia.
*Leader of 6-week bike tour through Indian Himalaya, through Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, including the highest motor-able pass in the world.




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