Support environmental conservation in Russia

We would love to help you get involved with environmental conservation efforts in Siberia and Russia!

There are many ways for you to get involved:
1. Build trails!
Spend a unique two weeks on the shores of Lake Baikal participating in a trail-building project with the Great Baikal Trail organization (GBT)! The GBT offers dozens of project each season varying from cutting new trail far from civilzation to cleaning existing trails along a majestic shoreline to helping to construct new campgrounds and shelters. There are projects suitable for all ages (over 18), energy levels, and abilities. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the world particpate in GBT projects every summer. Be a part of the effort to construct Russia's first national recreational trail systyem! Visit the GBT website for more information, photos, and contact information.

2. Kick down some cash!
There are two organizations that could really use your financial support.
The first of course, is Great Baikal Trail, which runs on an incredibly low budget. You can donate directly to the GBT by following the instructions on this page - (consists of filling in an online form and sending a check to an address in the United States which handles routing the money to GBT in Russia),
OR, you can contribute to our expedition's fund raising effort for the GBT. We are hoping to raise $10,000 for the GBT during the 2010 fiscal year. Any donation you could make that would help us reach this goal would be most appreciated. The money will be directly donated to GBT.

If you prefer to donate to an U.S. based non-profit that supports conservation efforts in Russia, then Pacific Environment is a great choice. Pacific Environment is very active throughout the Pacific Rim and achieves a remarkable amount. They are connected with all significant environmental conservation efforts in Russia and focus their efforts on the areas with the highest need as situations change.
Visit their website for more information.

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