We get an escort out of town from the MCHZ guy — great guy — and he explains what he knows of the conditions from there to Listvyanka.
On the whole, I think the balance of the day favored riding over pushing, but it was close. We make what proved to be a good decision to head directly towards shore, rather than continuing to angle towards Listvyanka, in search of an auto route on the ice. Sure enough, we find a track just 50 yards offshore. It is still tough going as the banks of snow catch the panniers at times and occasional piles of unconsolidated snow send the front wheel careening to the side. That said, we do actually ride into town. Similar to the previous days, we have a mix of strong wind, cloudy skies, flurries in the air, and stretches of partial clearing. However as the evening approaches and Listvyanka comes into view, we’ve ridden through the stormy weather. The setting for our finish into Listvyanka could not have been better — the sky cleared up and we rode towards the setting sun perched just above the Sayan foothills.
Holy smokes, we rode around the lake!

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